Event Day Info

Competition Time

8am-4pm (estimated)


Parking is available to all for free on site and throughout parking lots in the complex. Please follow parking attendant instructions upon arrival.


WOD Wars is FREE for spectators. Feel free to enjoy the competition day, 20+ vendors, and great local food trucks on event day! Be sure to view the event layout.

Tent and Chair Areas

Please utilize the designated “hang-out” areas for any tent and chair items. This will be located outside near the competition space. Do not set up your things outside of this area.


Visit boxtribetracker.com and click on WOD Wars to view live scoring.

Athlete Info

Athlete Check-In
There is no designated or required check in or briefing time. Athletes are free to arrive at any time. You can pick up your swag bag at the “check in” booth located inside the complex. Your only requirement is to be at the athlete staging area ready to compete no later than the heat prior to your heat time. The athlete staging area is located inside the warm-up areas. Events 1 and 3 warm-up and staging area is outside near the event area. Event 2 warm-up and staging area is inside. Be sure to view the Event Layout at wodwarsfl.com.

Be sure to review all WODs and standards on the “WODs” tab @ wodwarsfl.com. Your staging manager/judge can answer any questions you have before your workout.

Warm Up Area

Warm-Up areas are for ATHLETES ONLY. All coaches, photographers, and spectators must remain outside these areas. This is YOUR area. Please keep it neat and clean.

Medical Info

WOD Wars will have a designated paramedic on staff at the event. If you need medical attention, please go to the check-in booth and let our friendly staff know you are in need of medical attention. You may also use our health and wellness vendors to assist with non-emergency needs.

No Tolerance Policy

We at WOD Wars respect the competitive fire of our participants and want you to be at your best on competition day. We do our very best to communicate and brief all of our judges and staff on each event. This volunteer staff will be there to give you their time on competition day. We ask that you be respectful to all of our judges and staff during the event. We do not tolerate any arguing, foul language, or disrespect to our judges or any member of our staff.

Photo Packages

The one and only Jay Knickerbocker will be onsite to capture your competition moments at WOD Wars!

If you’d like to sign up for a professional photo package, please click the following link: https://www.jayknickerbockerphotography.com/Event-Sign-Up/Wod-Wars-Revive

Online Waiver and Heat Times

Please follow the instructions below to complete the online waiver. Once ALL members of the team complete the waiver, your heat times will show on the schedule.

Use the BoxTribe One App for waiver and heat times:

Step 1: Go to the app store or google play and download BoxTribe One app
Step 2: Either Create an account at the bottom left or Log in depending if you have used the app before or not
Step 3: Once you are logged in go to the Events tab 
Step 4: Find and Click WOD Wars
Step 5: Here you can click waivers, to sign your waiver, heats to see heat times (If your whole team has signed their waivers), or leader board the day of the event to see your teams scores.