Athlete Event Day Info

Early Check-In

Friday, April 12, 2024. 4pm-6pm.

Pick up your swag and wristband. Wristbands must be worn on wrist or ankle to gain access to the event. Teammates can check in their entire team as long as all waivers are complete. You cannot check in for other teams. You may set up canopy tents and other items in Athlete Village. There will be overnight security on the premises, however we are not responsible for lost or damaged items left overnight. Please place tent legs on painted lines to create a common walking path in the athlete village for your convenience and for emergencies.

Event Day Times

*Approximate times. Subject to change*

On-site parking lot and facility opens at 6am. Please do not arrive before 6am.

Youth Event: 7:00am-10:00am

Adult Event: 10:30am-5:30pm

Podium: Immediately following each event


On-site parking is available starting at 6am. The satellite lot at Dunedin High School (1/2 mile from venue) opens at 9am and will have a shuttle service to and from. ** See Map**

Parking Pass (Per Vehicle): All attendee vehicles require a parking pass – $10

Spectator Pass: Non-athletes above the age of 12 will require a spectator pass – $15

A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Dunedin Stirling Soccer Club, specializing in the development and growth of youth athletes. The soccer club will be on site assisting with the event.


We will offer an on-site warm up area for athletes only. For safety reasons, only those registered to compete may enter this area.


There is no designated arrival check-in time or athlete briefing. Athletes can arrive anytime before your WODs and check-in at the athlete check-in/swag pick up location anytime.

Please review all events and standards for each WOD.

Athletes are required to be at their workout event check-in location during the heat before your start time. Each event stage has its own designated check-in area and will have a banner at the check-in point. Your heat will be individually briefed during your WOD check in. You may ask your staging manager or head judge if you have any questions prior to your WOD.

Rise N’ Grind – Field Stage

Quicksand – Pool Stage

Piston – Court Stage (Gym Stage for Adult-Youth)

Soul Survivor – Gym Stage

NOTE: “Piston” on the Court Stage is a Floater

It is important to note your floater time frames. Do not miss your time frames. Get your floater done as soon as possible in the time window.


Division Floater Time Windows:
RX Duos
35+ Duos
Intermediate Duos
Male Novice Trios
Novice Duos
45+ Duos
Male Intermediate Trios
Female Intermediate Trios
Male 35+ Trios  
Female Novice Trios
Female 45+ Trios
Male 45+ Trios
Female RX Trios
Male RX Trios

Scoreboard and Heat Times

This info is updated in real time and available on Competition Corner by clicking here:


Photo Packages

Photo Packages available through Jay Knickerbocker Photography.

Photo Package

Conduct Policy

Please be courteous to our judges and staff. They are volunteering their time to make WOD Wars happen. All judges are briefed on event specifics and standards. WOD Wars has always been a fun and family friendly atmosphere. We have a zero-tolerance policy for swearing or disrespect to our team. Anyone who violates this will be disqualified from the event.