Become a volunteer

Be on the team! WOD Wars is known for providing an awesome experience for our staff members. We create the staff VIP experience by providing you with WOD Wars staff gear, private staff VIP room, food, drinks, and health and wellness treatments throughout your time with us.

We will organize you onto a specialized team with a team leader and instruction so that you have a smooth and fun day with us.

Fun experiences for athletes, staff, and attendees all come from the top! That’s why our staff leaders are trained to provide you with a top-notch, enjoyable experience that you will want to be part of each year.

We have different options available on our team:

Event Judge: Carries out judging and scoring for athlete events.

Equipment Team: Organizes and changes out equipment prior to, during, and after events.

Athlete/Venue Control: Handles interactions with attendees and athletes at various areas.

Interested in volunteering?! We’d love to have you! Click the link below to sign up. We will contact you shortly after.

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