Become a volunteer

WOD Wars certainly values its staff members and strives to provide them with an exceptional experience. Here’s what staff members can expect when they join the team:

Staff VIP Experience: Staff members are treated to a VIP experience that includes WOD Wars staff gear to help them feel part of the team and create a cohesive look. Additionally, a private staff VIP room is provided for relaxation and preparation.
Catered Meals and Refreshments: The event ensures that staff members are well taken care of by offering food and drinks. This helps keep the team fueled and refreshed throughout the event.

Specialized Teams: Staff members are organized into specialized teams, each led by a team leader who provides guidance and instructions. This ensures that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable day.

Commitment to Fun and Enjoyment: WOD Wars recognizes that fun experiences for athletes, staff, and attendees depend on the quality of the team’s leadership. Staff leaders are trained to provide a top-notch, enjoyable experience, encouraging staff members to return year after year.

By prioritizing the well-being and experience of its staff, WOD Wars aims to create a positive and efficient working environment that contributes to the overall success and enjoyment of the event. Staff members can look forward to being part of a well-organized and supportive team.

We have different options available on our team:

Event Judge: Carries out judging and scoring for athlete events.

Equipment Team: Organizes and changes out equipment prior to, during, and after events.

Athlete/Venue Control: Handles interactions with attendees and athletes at various areas.

Interested in volunteering?! We’d love to have you! Click the link below to sign up. We will contact you shortly after.

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